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In this section and below you will find a bit more information about the video's above. These may "wet" your appetite to check it out. Most of all just have fun seeing what the Lord is doing. Note: all photo's will link to the video clips above. Just use the drop downs and search for, well, just what you are looking for.

  • Marcel

    This man has a way with stirring people up for good. Search his name above and pick a story.

  • bois watch it grow

    This slideshow shows the building side of what's happened over the years.  Of course the number of lives touched and changed is the real focus.  It ends with one very special baptism.

      Click on the photo and search "Bois Neuf" in the "Series" dropdown.

  • 2015-05 at charrette

    A  team from Kansas lent a hand building new benches at Charrette this spring.  Re-purposing the old legs and bolting new boards on, not to mention those that are all new. Click on the photo and search "Charrette" in the dropdown called "Series".