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Of course there are no shortages of projects that would be helpful in Haiti.  Here we've provided a short list that have reached the top of the pile.  Would you or your church consider partnering with one of these?  It could be as simple as purchasing a block, about $10.00, or materials for a bench, about $99.00, or as big as helping provide a cistern for clean drinking water, about $2500.00.  Only one of the locations within EMEVI (or Evangelical Living Water Ministry) has "city" water. The others rely on streams, rivers or rainwater.  Cost for a new school is around $40,000.00, currently 4 locations have separate buildings for schooling while also using the church buildings. Please, take a look below and see what you think.  Or you may have another idea of how you can reach out, just scroll down to the form to let us know your thoughts. Soon we hope to have options for solar projects in the remote locations for 6k or less. Portable, ease of set up and moveable as needed.

ways to help

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  • Only $45.00 to purchase a goat. Marcel has for a number of years been able to purchase goats from extra donations that have come in. He only purchases females that are pregnant and then works with the pastors of the EMEVI churches to help the families that have the greatest need. Many goats have twins and as that happens the recipients are asked to keep one for their family and find a community member that is in need to pass the other to. Of course the female also provides milk and cheese for the families. This is a way to multiple the blessing and open the door to share the gospel well beyond the "church". If you have questions there is a simple form lower on this page for inquiries. Maybe you are ready to purchase a goat right now, here's a link to do just that - click here.

  • Here's one we take for granted as we sit and select what's for our next meal. $20.00 helps to provide meals for a child for one week while they are in school. Many Haitians manage on one meal a day and sometimes less. This provision helps both the physical and mental state of the child. It's hard to teach someone when their belly is "barking" is how I say it. All the schools of EMEVI are Christian and the gospel is shared and of course the opportunity then is that God's word is taken home. If you have questions there is a simple form lower on this page for inquiries. If you are ready to contribute now, click here.

  • As we age it can't help but cross our minds what happens when.... In Haiti it comes down to having a family member or friend help when that time comes. There are no funds or services that will kick in when there is a need. Marcel has a number of mostly ladies that go out into the community to help the elderly and we get to see the Church in action. To help one person it takes only $40.00 a month. Once again the gospel is shared as the people ask why do you do this. If you have questions there is a simple form lower on this page for inquiries. Care to donate now, click here.

  • Dressing up for school is a requirement for all schools in Haiti both public and private. Each year the children have grown and new uniforms are being called for. The material is purchased and then put together by many in the EMEVI community. The cost for a uniform is only $39.00 per year. Keep in mind the average salary in Haiti is around $1.00 per day so it would take more than a months salary for one uniform and many families have multiple children that are school age. If you have questions there is a simple form lower on this page for inquiries. Ready to donate now, click here.

  • Marcel is particular about the teachers that are hired and that they have a Christian background. No one is perfect but they strive to not only be able to teach but also be a witness for the Lord in all they do. A Teachers salary is $145.00 per month and for many they work in remote locations, some leave their homes for a week or more at a time to teach, these folks are a blessing. If you have questions there is a simple form lower on this page for inquiries. Ready to donate now, click here.

  • For some time now we have considered solar to help provide power in remote locations. With recommendations from others we are currently looking at the system at this link - This could provide portable power for times while in the  mountain churches and schools as well as the desert of Colmini and more. Something I take for granted as I flip the switch while walking into a room. $3799.95 normally and on sale it's $760.00 off currently. The desire is for 2 of these units with one staying in the mountains around Kounol. If you have questions there is a simple form lower on this page for inquiries. Ready to donate now, click here.

  • Remember the uniforms mentioned above, well someone still has to sew those. Since power in country is not reliable in any area, sewing machines that could not only be used to put together uniforms but also supply jobs and that we are looking at, are Treadle Machines. Cost can vary but used cost around $150.00. These would be collected and shipped. Sometimes these can be found used and in good shape at your favorite used item supplier or friend. If you have questions there is a simple form lower on this page for inquiries. Ready to donate now, click here.

  • Now this is quite an undertaking. Gran Fond near St Marc and part of EMEVI (Evangelical Living Water Ministry) currently meets in a tin sided shed of sorts. They do not complain and are happy they can have a "shelter" to gather under. The pastor André Valbrun went through the year long process of meeting with the EMEVI Leadership to become part of the greater fellowship of EMEVI. In 2018 3 of us went to visit the church and sensed the Lord's leading to help as we can. To build a new building it costs $40,000.00 for a fairly simple structure that will provide a decent place to gather and potentially also become a school in the days ahead. Maybe your church could become a "sister" church and walk with them. Let us know, or if you have questions there's a simple form lower on this page for inquiries. Ready to donate now, click here.

build a school in haiti

The EMEVI Schools/Churches

Check out this special place in the foothills SE of St Marc

(EMEVI or Evangelical Living Water Ministry)


It starts here

Ever consider where you will sit?

The ground is an option, probably the number one option in Haiti.

How about providing one or more benches?  Each only cost's $99.00 and will be well used in both school and church. The benches are built by a combination of teams that come and Haitians that show us how to do it.

That nice cool drink of water that's available almost everywhere we go here in the states is so refreshing.

Water is probably the most precious resource we have and, while in Haiti, it becomes even more evident how precious.

Cisterns have been built in both Colmini and Charrette and then, in the mountains, plastic ones have been purchased and transported to two locations in the Fond Baptist area.  The photo shows the most recent addition in Charrette.  Rainwater is collected off the rooftop to help keep things full.  Hard to believe that this was hand dug!  This will provide clean drinking water for years to come and it only costs $2500.00, that's a dollar a gallon, and even provides work for the Haitians.

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There are many ways to contribute and we trust the Lord will move your heart as He will. Be it through prayer, hands on, financial contribution, or possibly raising funds for a project. If you have a question please send us a note and we will do our best to answer quickly.

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