Who we are

All Volunteers

  • Jeff Baden


    Jeff serves as the Senior Pastor at Hamilton Life Church in Chattanooga, TN. He and his wife, Carrie, have been married since 2007 and have seven wonderful kids. Jeff loves spending time with his family, rooting for the Minnesota Vikings, and watching movies.

    Jeff’s heart is to see people changed through the power of God’s word. He is excited to support and serve Pastor Marcel, and all those affiliated with Hope For Haiti, in their calling to reach this wonderful nation.

  • Damon passons

    Member at large

    Damon has been married to Kristi and it's the best thing that ever happened to me other than my relationship with the Lord. They have been married since 1996 . 4 boys grace their home, Benjamin their oldest is on his own and is doing well, Connor, Ethan, and Jackson. Benjamin went to Haiti 1st time when he was 9. Now the entire family have visited Haiti.

    Princeton Texas is where they call home and Damon is on staff at Hope Church with campuses at Frisco and Mckinney Texas. He oversees the kids ministry at Hope in a Central Leadership position that oversees each campus. Reaching families is a passion. Damon says this area is a Melting Pot beyond your imagination. God is bringing all kinds of people together!

    Damon likes to work, he does not have many hobbies. Enjoys sitting and talking on the back porch. Likes to play with kids. In the process now of building a chicken coup and buying chicks. The boys will take on most of those responsibilities. Sitting on 5 acres of property, they hope to have goats along with the chickens.

    Our family has a huge heart for Haiti. We have supported children in Haiti for years. We took our whole family to Haiti and they all fell in love with the ministry and culture. Playing with the kids and working with them on the building. Puppet shows and building were a few of the activities for that trip. Have started saving now for their next trip around Thanksgiving. The boys are also helping to earn money for next years trip.

  • Terri justice


    Terri was born and raised in Chattanooga, TN. She served in the United States Army., and is now a nurse and works with veterans.  4 sons, 2 daughters and 5 grandsons are a treasure to her and she married Daniel May 2021.

    Her first trip to Haiti was in 2014. From then on she has grown to love Haiti and the people there. She enjoys leading teams to experience Haiti first hand.

    Terri considers herself an advocate for Haiti and connected with the Hope for Haiti board in 2017.

    Terri counts it a privilege to be a part of the progress of additional classrooms being built in Colmini, Haiti and being able to visit as often as possible.

    Terri loves Haitian food, especially green eggs as she calls them.

  • Melissa Passons Smith


    Melissa was introduced to Haiti by her dad, Austin Passons.  She went to Haiti with him the first time about a decade ago.  She immediately fell in love with the people and the ministry of EMEVI there. She has been to Haiti many times since that first trip and loves that her dad was able to share his love of Jesus and missions with her.

  • Jon & Diane Seitz and Timothy Whorl


    Diane, Jon and Timothy (Left) founded Hope for Haiti. The trio lives in southern Pennsylvania. Diane and her husband first visited Haiti in the 80's. Their daughter, 5 or 6 years old at the time, contracted the chickenpox and was unable to come to Haiti. Diane's mother-in-law offered to keep her daughter so they could go on the trip. As it turns out, Marcel Destine took the seat their daughter vacated. They exchanged addresses and Hope for Haiti was formed.

    Since then, she and her husband have visited Haiti with many others including Art and Lynda Rousseau, who now run the ministry