Hope for Haiti works with EMEVI (Evangelical Living Water Ministries) which is based in Bois Neuf just south of St Marc Haiti.  EMEVI currently has 14 churches, 8 of which are also schools.  The map below gives you an idea of the where and the notes below that tell a bit more about some of the locations.  If you happened to count, only 10 EMEVI locations are shown. 

Bois neuf

It all started right here.  By clicking on the photo you will be able to see a short clip about Bois Neuf. Just look for Bois Neuf by searching in the "Series" dropdown.

a snapshot of some of the churches/schools/clinic

All here, except for one, are in rural settings and what you see is pretty much what you get.  Each location has needs and currently we are able to help with 5 of the schools (includes Bois Neuf above). Below you can find links if you want to sponsor a child (click on the name of the school). The children are real and precious in God's sight.  Building programs are ongoing as many children meet outside for class.  You will find if you click on a photo below, it will lead you to some of the projects that are currently underway. Wander around the website for more of the "story".

  • Charrette

    in the foothills

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  • colmini

    in the desert

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  • Fond baptist

    on the mountain top

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  • bataille

    at a river basin

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  • Fond mablanc

    clearly the most remote

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  • La pinard

    on the side of a mountain

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  • la session

    sister church/school to charrette

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  • gonaives

    south of the city

    (search series after clicking on link above)

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  • jeanton

    Just west of La Session

    (search "jeanton" under series after clicking on link above)

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  • clinic property

    at Kounol

    (search "clinic" under series for more)

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