projects to consider

Of course there are no shortages of projects that would be helpful in Haiti.  Here we've provided a short list that have reached the top of the pile.  Would you or your church consider partnering with one of these?  It could be as simple as purchasing a block (about $3.00) or as big as helping provide a cistern for clean drinking water (about $2500.00).  Only one of the locations within EMEVI has "city" water. The others rely on streams, rivers or rainwater.  Please, take a look below and see what you think.  Or you may have another idea of how you can reach out, just click here to let us know your thoughts.

To build a church/school

Audio starts about 20 seconds into slideshow. Listen to Marcel as he shares about La Session in the clip below. 

It starts here

Ever consider where you will sit?

The ground is an option, probably the number one option in Haiti.

How about providing one or more benches?  Each only cost's $63.00 and will be well used in both school and church.

Click here for a few more photos of bench building and select "Benches at Charrette" in the dropdown.

That nice cool drink of water that's available almost everywhere we go here in the states is so refreshing.

Water is probably the most precious resource we have and, while in Haiti, it becomes even more evident how precious.

Cisterns have been built in both Colmini and Charrette and then, in the mountains, plastic ones have been purchased and transported to two locations in the Fond Baptist area.  The photo shows the most recent addition in Charrette.  Rainwater is collected off the rooftop to help keep things full.  Hard to believe that this was hand dug!  This will provide clean drinking water for years to come and it only costs $2500.00 and even provides work for the Haitians. Click here for a few additional photos of the "Cistern at Charrette" in the dropdown.  If you scroll through the available Albums, you will even find an album for Colmini's Cistern built in 2006, which is still going strong.