The Children

Hope for Haiti partners with sponsors for the children of EMEVI (Evangelical Living Water Ministry) around the St. Marc, Haiti area. Over 1,700 children attend these schools and we seek sponsors for 5 of the 8 schools included in EMEVI. Sponsors help provide uniforms, school books and supplies, and, in a few cases, one meal a day. 

Thirty dollars a month goes a long way to make a difference in these childrens' lives. All the children are in need but our focus is on those whose parents do not have the funds to send their children to school. Even the national schools require tuition for attendance. The pages listed above in the drop-down (Children and Locations) or just below, provide a photo and some insight about each child, some are shown as sponsored but many more are still waiting. Not all the children can be shown here but it's a start. 

Maybe you would like to become a part of these precious children's lives by walking alongside one or more. Pick a non-sponsored child today and follow the Sponsor A Child Link, found by clicking the photo of any child. Let us know which one needs your presence in their lives.