our mission

“Promotion of giving to provide relief for needy Haitians”

Mission of Hope for Haiti: We are a grassroots, non-profit organization dedicated

to connecting with Haitian, Christian-based organizations. All

contributions go directly to Haiti without any administrative fees.

Vision: We work primarily with EMEVI (Evangelical Living Water

Ministry) to see God bring His salvation

to Haiti. We do this as the Lord leads through prayer, financial support,

encouragement and help from volunteers.

Strategic Direction:

Prayer: We pray as the Lord leads and communicate the needs of the Haitians

as we hear about them to those offering support in America.

Volunteers: Through mission trips, teaching English and Bible studies along with 

skills and trades, providing basic healthcare when possible and taking on various

projects in country.

Support:  Along with prayer, support includes sponsoring children, schools and

teachers, giving general donations, helping build and reaching out evangelically.

Encouragement:  This covers everything from sending emails and newsletters, 

to passing on notes to the staff and children. It also involves fulfilling physical needs

such a shoe bags and pillowcase dresses, to extending invitations

to visit the United States or Haiti for rest.


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